Understand Customers. Know Competitors. Measure Business.

If you’re engaging a new marketing effort and want to understand the opportunity, if you want to understand if efforts are producing real return, or if you want to be setup for success long-term, Forward Slash Marketing can help. #Awesome-sauce

Our Expertise

The 3 C’s of Marketing: Customers. Competitors. Company.

Our services and efforts are all focused on the 3 C’s of marketing. To maximize profits, we help you understand your customers and how to engage with them, know your competitors so you can beat them, and measure your company’s performance to optimize dollars.

Search Engine Optimization

The connected economy favors those that can be found at the right moment of the customer journey.

Marketing Audits

Victory starts with intelligence. Understand what’s working and what’s not.

Marketing Reporting

Provide actionable insights based on roles and departments.

AdWords / PPC

Expand your universe and reach more customers that want what you have.

Data Analytics

Connect data points and avoid fragmented insights. Manage analytics for better reporting.

Social Media Analytics

Dig into the rich data and insights from your social channels. Understand your customers.

Easy As 1…2…3…

Every marketing initiative, change, or venture starts with an audit. We must understand the current state and past results in order to know where to go next. That’s step 1. After we gather intelligence we implement our action plan in order to start seeing results. Step 2. Marketing is not a set it and forget it science, we will monitor and optimize to continue hitting performance metrics.

SEO Audit

Get an SEO Audit so you can uncover what’s working on your website and where improvements can be made in this ever-changing digital economy.

PPC Audit

Order an audit of your paid advertising campaigns so we can uncover inefficiencies, identify optimizations, and help your business profits.

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