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You’ve got lots of data. If you’re like most enterprises, you’re wondering how to turn information into actionable insights for better decision making and increased business outcomes.

Get stronger results across all your online and offline channels. Our expert Analytics Consultants help your business increase profit, enhance performance, and identify opportunities.


What is a data analytics strategy?

A data analytics strategy is a plan that gathers intelligence about your company, customers, and the market in order to manage and measure performance.

In today’s connected economy, businesses have more access to data and information then ever before. Data is everywhere and can get out of control in a hurry without a solid plan of action.


Improve The Customer Experience

Forward Slash Marketing works with you to audit your data, provide your team with quantitative and qualitative analysis, and help you understand every touchpoint in the customer journey. Digital analytics can come from many sources and we help to create the full picture in order to gain understanding and knowledge.

We make it easy to get a complete and integrated view of your marketing efforts.

Leave No Data Behind

In today’s connected economy, customers can interact with your brand in numerous ways from the desktop, to the phone, to the watch, to tv, and so on. And while all these devices and channels might be increasing your brand’s awareness, they’re also making it difficult to get an accurate view of your customer and marketing investments.

Forward Slash Marketing helps to not only identify each of these customer touchpoints and channels but will also work with you to integrate these data points into an integrated comprehensive system. We want to make sure that all stages of the customer journey are being reflected, measured, and analyzed so you can make smarter decisions.


Understand Marketing Performance

Forward Slash Marketing helps you evaluate marketing efforts so you can make better decisions. We’ll set up business tools to measure performance and track goals so you can understand your customers, know your competitors, and measure your business.

With smart KPI’s, a measurement plan, and consistent reporting we make it easy to understand your business efforts.

“The companies that shine … build insights they can use, and they share those insights in ways that everyone across the organization can understand—and act on—to make every customer’s experience at every touch point the best it can be.”

Matt Lawson – Managing Director, Ads Marketing – Google


Share The Results

Your business needs to see how to improve the customer experience and what to experiment with in order to push your brand forward. Setup dashboards and shareable data so that everyone in the organization is on the same page and there is clarity about goals and next steps.

Nothing is stronger and more quickly understood than great visuals that showcase performance. We help make it easy to setup and view quality data for any level of your team including Executives, Sales, Marketing, Finance, etc.

Show What You've Got

Companies like yours have an abundance of options today when deciding to pull analytics and data for your business. While it’s great to have so many choices for data sources the real concern is your ability to analyze the data and sift for insights you can actually use.

Forward Slash Marketing uses best of breed solutions and industry titans in order to combine data into visual insights for your company. It will be refreshing to visually see where your opportunities are and where you are enabling success for your customers. We understand that reading reports can take precious time away and why we work to present your insights into visually appealing assets that allow you to make better decisions faster.

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