Business and Marketing Audits To Gain Understanding

The Forward Slash Marketing Audits gather data from many touchpoints of today’s complex connected economy. We then use intelligent insights to help your brand measure and improve the impact of your marketing.

What is a marketing audit?

An audit is a comprehensive and independent inspection of a company’s marketing assets and activities in order to generate analysis that assists in future planning.

Decision makers face many challenges today with a fast changing internet. Digital marketing offers a level yet competitive playing field for business and it’s important to make sure goals are being met and opportunities aren’t being missed. An audit is your first step.




We use industry leading tools and practices to gather intelligence about your marketing efforts. We’ll focus on your customer journey, your assets like website, and your competitors.



What good is an audit if you don’t understand what it means to your business? We’ll review the findings and share insights so there is alignment on the next steps.



After a thorough audit is completed we put together a report to show your opportunities and where improvements can be made. An optimized marketing strategy is the key focus.



Use the analytics and insights from the audit to implement changes and optimize your business so you can continue to the next level.

SEO Audit

Hello, customers. Goodbye, bounce rate. The SEO Audit helps you better understand your digital presence and how your brand performs online, so your business can improve on reaching and engaging more customers.

Technical SEO Audit

Position Tracking

Competitive Intelligence

Ideas To Boost Organic Traffic

Backlinks Audit and Analysis

And Much More!

“Victory starts with intelligence that allows understanding of risks and opportunities, projecting possibilities for each, and then acting on the one with the best outcome.”

Sun Tzu – The Annotated Art of War

Paid Advertising Audit

Hello, return. Goodbye, waste. The Paid Advertising Audit helps you determine if your marketing dollars are adding to your bottom line while helping you understand how to achieve better conversions so you can reduce your costs.

Ads Strategy Analysis

Keyword Grouping and Management

Keywords Analysis

Creative Evaluation

Competition Analysis

And Much More!

Social Media Audit

Hello, amplification. Goodbye, black hole. The Social Media Audit helps you determine the best channels for your brand to engage with while gaining visibility into your customers and how they react to your business in relation to your competition.

Follower And Engagement Rates

Audience Demographics

Competitive Intelligence

Traffic Attribution

Instant Insights Into Your Social Strategy

And Much More!

Content Marketing & PR Audit

Hello, leads. Goodbye, ctl+alt+delete. The Content Marketing and PR Audit helps you see into your buyer’s journey and if you are providing what they are looking for at each stage in order to attract leads and engage intelligently.

Brand Mentions Across The Web

Content Performance Across All Touchpoints

Content Opportunities

Brand Congruency

Blog Performance and Analysis

And Much More!

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